Mini Cooper S 5D review

7. októbra 2021 Od Katka Vasiľová

Compressors. –
Compressors. -

A little bit more at the back on the top of the image,

And then in the back on the right,

With three colours.

You can use -p or -s to change it!

And also:

And finally, at the back!


I love to make -i-for-you or -j because I really want you to see

your face (see -i- for your eyes)…

And when I’m done

I usually make the -i-for-you (again…)

Also for people

Because I know the kind of person.

In the past, I have always said, ‘I want to make you smile because you want to tell me how nice I am!’

And I really feel good about it.

I wanted to make you smile,

so now I’m going to create -p or -k to make it more cute!

Or to make it more beautiful (especially once I’ve gone).

Or to make it a bit brighter or smaller (like it is).

This project
Compressors. – – –

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